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Over the course of many years, it has become blatantly obvious to Jack that some club executives just simply do not care about where their club is headed.

In fact it is so obvious that a lot of members of these clubs don't care either. 

All these individuals care about is the club being there for them. At no stage do they care about what may come of the club once they have moved on. Totally totally totally selfish.

It's easy to spot them, they stick out like Santa in the snow. You know them, everyone has met at least 1.

They are the type who are not interested in what you have to say, despite the fact you may have a bucket load of ideas on how to generate income or save the club money. They fob you off for a variety of reasons. The main reason being that they would hate it if you were successful and showed them up.

From the onset this person may be hard to spot but it doesn't take long to get their number. 

Jack reckons if this type of person is on your committee or board, run a…