Jack reckons the majority of club members who put their hand up to be secretary have no idea what they are in for!

To make it worse, the majority of outgoing secretaries do not make it easy for the newbie on the block and the incoming secretary is usually dropped in the deep end.

Jack knows of some clubs where the outgoing does assist the new secretary until they have their feet, but most do not!

Image result for secretaryJack advises all members .... before you put your hand up, contact the centre to get a rough idea what is involved. It's not as easy as it looks and if a secretary is doing their job right, they will be very busy.

Jack believes that this role should be accompanied with other tasks such as club membership & events and become a paid role. This would go a long way to ensuring the job is done right. Part of the remuneration could be by way of commission from income generated.

But don't get on your high horse and start giving a secretary grief for a job you clearly didn't want. 

On the other hand, if you are a secretary and you're finding it difficult and it's taking it toll on your enjoyment of the sport, chuck the job in, you're not doing anyone any favours including yourself.

Give secretaries a fair go!

What's your thoughts?


  1. Well said Jack - clubs can also assist by making sure that they have a Club computer, club email address and all the club information is stored on the club computer. Too often club secretaries move on and have all the club and relevant information on their private computer. Make the most of modern technology and make the job of club secretary as easy and convenient as possible by storing everything on a club computer in the club office. This also means that if the secretary is taken ill or away everything is accessible. Not "rocket science" but often overlooked especially by club management who don't appreciate how much work the "average" club secretary does.

  2. Jack is quite right it's a never ending job that should have a remuneration.

  3. Same applies to some committees and boards, some just turn up for the tea and biscuits and achieve nothing. Why volunteer for these positions if you aren't prepared to take them seriously and actually do some work!

  4. Hi Jack agree with the above. Clubs also need to make more "use of facebook". It's an easy, convenient way to keep a large amount of members and friends, plus other clubs informed of all your club activities. The more information that is "out there" the less pressure there is on clubs and club secretaries. Most bowlers today have access to some form of social media,...…... so use it. Upcoming tournaments, photos, results, minutes, agendas, important dates,.....the list goes on and it saves making heaps and heaps of phone calls.

  5. What about Bowls Wellington holding a Club Secretary seminar to talk about what is involved, tips on how to handle the tricky bits, advice from older hands and an interactive session where Secretaries can share their experiences and issues and perhaps collectively come up with new ways to do it. A couple of hours (max) should do it.


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