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Greetings bowlers, officials, employees and volunteers. Jack trusts that you are all refreshed and ready to fire on through the remainder of the season!

During the break Jack has been taking a look at what makes a business successful. The one obvious variable is A POINT OF DIFFERENCE.

For example, a butchery will find it hard to survive and compete against the supermarket chains if they simply plod along and have no point of difference. By that Jack means, if you provide the same product as a competitor but at a higher price and/or a lower quality, then where is the point of difference?

You need to investigate what the opposition has and work from there. You can provide a totally different product that the customer can't get from the opposition ...... or, if you want to provide the same product as the opposition, you need to provide a much better product, otherwise where is the incentive?

This applies to Lawn Bowls. Jack says if you provide the same old Triples Gala that several other…