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Jack says when it comes to promoting your club, DO IT RIGHT! How many clubs don’t have a website? Too many reckons Jack. 

How can you even begin to give your club the recognition it deserves without having a website? Jack is aware that it is another expense, but at the end of the day it doesn’t have to be a large expense if you do your homework! There are plenty of options here but you need to do some research. 

Without a website, you’re letting the club down. People don’t look through the yellow pages these days, they scan the internet. If you do have a website, then it is important to keep it fresh and up to date. There Is nothing worse than visiting a site that is 2 years out of date, it will turn people away! 



Jack says a good secretary is worth his or her weight in gold!
Let’s put aside the fact the a secretary gives up their personal time to take on the task and is essentially a volunteer, Jack feels the amount of hours that a good secretary can put in during a week actually warrants them receiving an income as most do far more than their allocated secretarial duties.  Jack is not the first to say this!
Jack thinks the majority are well aware that it is difficult for a club to survive on membership fees and rely on said members to support the bar to the extent that the club is financially secure. Jack reckons you would be making a move in the right direction if your club employed a manager to promote and grow your club on a full time or part time basis. .
Don’t leave it until the last hour, give it some serious thought at your executive meeting, do  some investigation, what have you got to lose? Jack says this is good advice for all clubs, not just those that are a little behind the 8 ball c…