Jack hasn't seen anything new emerge from clubs this year so far. Same old stuff. Wasn't it Albert Einstein that first said ... "If you always do what you've always doneyou will always get what you've always got"?

Ain't that the truth? Jack is not sure why some clubs continue to pump out the same old event's they did previous years......and expect a different result?

Show us something new!

Enjoy your weekend. Jack. 


  1. 1. There are a number of new competitions this season, maybe you are just out of the loop.

    2. Some clubs keep doing what they are doing because what they are putting on is enjoyed by their entrants/club members.

    3. The centre seems to one of the few organisations that don't make changes. It's nice to see that some other centres have successful "finals days" for their centre tournments rather than choose to run them on a Monday when a lot of people are at work. The centre must think its an old persons game with only retired players. About time they upped their own game.

    1. There is a tournament review every two years. Bowls Wellington asks clubs to submit any changes they wish made. It is up to the Clubs to initiate change in this area. If nothing changes within tournaments then it is not a result of Bowls Wellington.
      Not everyone understands the process.
      As for other changes, there have been too many within Bowls wellington to lay out here.
      Please feel free to share the "New Competitions" with Bowls Wellington so we can promote them.
      Bowls Wellington

    2. please tell us about these new competitions, what format, where? We would be keen to enter especially if they are for juniors.
      I agree with BW, not a lot of great events around, same old mostly.

    3. I get a lot of emails from bowls wellington advertising club galas etc, but not much stands out, usually just the same old galas. I suggest that Anonymous from above is out of the loop. I would like to see the new events he/she speaks of???
      As for putting on the same old thing because their members enjoy it, I challenge this too. The members that do turn up probably do so out of loyalty or because there is nothing else, but how many from other clubs turn up?
      As for comment number 3, it is obvious you don't follow what is going on at all and just make random comments. I have been involved with several other centres and don't know of any that can get through tournaments with the same numbers all in one weekend. Do you want Bowls NZ to have theirs over in a weekend as well. Before you speak, maybe some though should go into what you are saying or provide some evidence? Keep up the good work BW.

  2. I'll way in here.

    Ive just had a look through the centre book.

    I see Wainui club has two new galas comming up. I"ve seen the flyers at our club and both have decent prize money and the 1 day pairs one is more than just the usual format.
    For the 3rd poster. How about Naenae's 2 4 2 gala for 1 to 8 players, its been going about 4 years now and is very popular.
    Also I see Massey Ave have changed the format of it's Harris Hawkins trophy so its now mixed and for 1 to 10yr players. From memory Whitby also have a junior gala comming up.

    For the 4th poster I think your'e outta line with your comments or maybe just cant read! Where did the orginal poster say centre tournaments should be completed in a weekend. I read they said the centre should consider having "finals days". Auckland centre is bigger than Wgtn and they do just that.

    Bowls Wellington, thanks for reminding us all of the process for change. Its up to us all now to let our delegates know what we would like to see change, come on guys/gals the balls in our court.


    1. Hi, I'm poster 4. It seems you can't read. The poster stated he wasn't happy with Finals on a Monday. I'm assuming he wouldn't like them on any other day of the week either so thought the weekend was the logical chocie. As for comparing with Auckland, before you make a statement, check their programme against the bowls wellington programme and note they have the room. I'm looking at the bowls wellington programme now and if you can see room to have finals for all those events on a weekend, then please enlighten us all. Perhaps getting rid of those ridiculous champ of champ events would help.

      As for the events you point out, what's new about them apart from the name on some of them? Not actually another event in most cases, although good on Naenae for adding some development tournaments.

      The problem with most these things is the resistance to change. Bowls Wells. does remind us about it, but very little changes.

    2. I guess its easier to criticise than to offer solutions.

      If you don't like your clubs programme get yourself on your clubs match committee and start selling your ideas to the members.

    3. I agree, I hear a lot of criticism about the centre around my club, usually by those who don't lift a finger to help out, they usually make the most noise, but none of them are willing to get off their butt and do anything.....grizzling is their thing!


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