People, let’s be honest, you can’t please everyone. No matter how hard you try, it just isn’t possible. So before you point the finger, perhaps actually think about the dynamics of what you are about to suggest. Sometimes the wish list of bowlers is just not feasible and comments are made without a lot of thought or knowledge of what is required. So Jack encourages ideas and views, that is healthy, however those ideas should come with solutions attached. It’s easy to criticize but unless you have a better solution then…….?

Let’s talk about your club. As any good club member will tell you, there is always something that needs doing. It could be anything from promoting an upcoming event to weeding the garden or running the garage sale.
At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what the task is, if you pitch in and do it, it all counts.

As we rapidly approach the new season, secretaries and match committee’s start to scramble to sort their programme. So what’s on the agenda? Jack said this last year, it’s the same old same old. C’mon, you can’t expect to put out the same events year after year and expect enthusiasm.

Now Jack can hear you say….”surely that applies to Bowls Wellington as well”? Yes & No. Bowls Wellington is limited here as we answer to the bowlers. We put out the events you ask for, simple as that. However you have a real opportunity each year to be different, so don’t be afraid to step out of the square and give it a go.
When a member puts their hand up and say…”I’d like to give this a go”, don’t knock them back just because they are a first year bowler. Try it, what have you got to lose?



  1. Bowls Wellington does have an important role to play when it come to Interclub. The competition has seen little change recently partly due to the tournament review only happening once every 2 years.

    The Premier Reserve compeition has been weakened with the acceptance to allow clubs to enter as many teams as they wish with one club entering 3 teams this year in the first draw that was published. Your chances of winning can sometimes come down to the luck of the draw and whether you draw team 1, 2 or 3 from clubs that enter more than one team.
    When this happens the flow on effect is dramatic into the 8's as we see this year with only 3 sections, down from 5 in the last couple of years. Some of this is due to the decreasing numbers in the game but also due to the current format.

    As a club selector we are put under increasing pressure to enter more teams in the Premier Reserve competition from our club members because the competition in the 8's is weakened as a direct result of other clubs entering mulitple teams in PR. We have in the past entered more than one team but it reduces the competition for places due to restrictions of player movements after a certain % of the competition has been completed.

    I also believe that any club should be able to enter the Premier competition, why should clubs be restricted from having the chance to win a National Title at that level each year?

    It is time to look at how Interclub is being run and what is the best for the future of the competition.

    I strongly suggest if there are clubs like ours that believe the competition could be better run to come up with a plan. The tournament committee will be meeting again this year and it is a chance to have a say on what happens in the future.

    Format a plan and produce strong aguements that will benefit all bowlers and clubs and the committee will listen, after all they are there to better the game for all of us not just to do what is best and easiest for them. Time to have a your say.

  2. Hi Jason, thanks for your comments.

    In response to your comment in paragraph 2 relating to "The Premier Reserve competition..."
    This is a Bowls NZ competition and we are required to accept all entries. Clubs obviously see this as a good competition as they pay an entry fee of $150 + GST for each team, which they do not have to pay for the 8's.
    The decrease in teams from last year is 4 less Premier Reserves in the Men, 2 more 8's and 4 more quads, while in the Women's, reserves is up by 3, 8's is 5 less and quads 4 more.

    In response to your comment ".....any club should be able to enter the Premier competition..."
    Clubs asked for this and Wellington is unique in having Premiers limited to 10 teams. Submissions will be called for late Jan early Feb.

    Thank you.
    Bowls Wellington


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