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Jack has been taking a look at some of the websites (if you can call them that) that belong to some of the Wellington Centre clubs.

What a shambles! People people people, how can you complain about the downturn in membership when you can’t even update your website on a weekly database. Here is a small list that covers some of the problems with most of the existing websites.

Outdated information, current links that don’t work, incorrect contact details or no contact details, website doesn’t load at all, little to no information on website.
C’mon secretaries, what is happening here? As for you members, why aren’t you holding your executive accountable for such a shocking state of affairs?

Websites these days are more than likely your prospective new members first point of contact. Quite frankly, most people will take one look at some of them and just shake their head and move on to the next club, especially the next generation of bowlers that you so loudly proclaim are your future. Yet here…


Jack has noticed that some of the clubs have some very unusual membership categories.
Most have the usual Full, Social, Student, Associate, Life etc. However there are some categories that certainly fall into a grey area. Limited? Restricted?
Jack is aware that in reality there are 2 categories that matter, Playing and Non Playing.
So at the end of the day, clubs can call their membership categories anything they want, but when it comes time to fill out the membership return, where do the above 2 categories fall.
Jack has learned that some clubs allow certain members to pay a reduced fee but still let them play in the odd club event and in some cases, centre events and not pay a levy. Tut tut. 
Clubs that do this not only undermine the Bowls NZ constitution, but aren't they also ripping off their own members? Why should Joe 1 pay a reduced fee, play in a few galas and maybe the the odd centre event such as the Veterans while Joe 2 who pays a full membership fee, may also play in a few …


Jack noticed the results of the latest Bowls Wellington survey and sees some scary figures. 9 clubs with over 100 members but only 3 of those clubs have over 100 PLAYING members.
Don’t forget bowlers, playing or non playing! Jack also notices that some clubs have membership categories that are a little cloudy. As far as Jack is concerned, it is Black and White, your members are either playing bowls or they are NOT playing bowls.
If they play bowls then they pay a levy, if they don’t play bowls then they don’t pay a levy. There is no such allowance that let’s bowlers play in certain events or non centre events but NOT pay a levy!
Jack hopes that clears up the confusion.
Jack also notices that some of the 9 clubs that that have over 100 members have very few playing members but many social members. Jack does not necessarily see this as a bad thing but are those social members playing any kind of bowls? If not, why not? Don’t forget bowlers, clubs first priority in this respect, is to promot…


Jack notices a bit of feedback coming through via the feedback button on the front page of the website. Jack is also glad to hear that positive feedback is also filtering through, this is a good sign.
Jack reckons if you have something to say then what are you waiting for, now is your big opportunity.
Don’t save it for the bowling green, bowlers go to the green to bowl, not to listen to grizzling, name calling and finger pointing.
You don’t have to always agree with what the centre does so if you have a strong point of difference or some suggestions you would like to share, then click on the FEEDBACK BUTTON.
Jack also notices that Bowls Wellington has created a platform for an online database to allow secretaries to update their records as they happen…….awesome.
By giving the secretaries an online version, this means that come membership return time it will be all over pretty sharply. It also means that by updating the database in real time as changes take place, there won’t be any discrep…