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Lately Jack has copped a fair amount of abuse on here from some clown that is brave enough to hide behind the "anonymous" cloud.

The reason you can't see their comments is the person responsible is dumb enough to include verbal abuse accompanied by a few well chosen pieces of slang that aren't really appropriate to publish.

Well Jack reckons this person is weak, if they weren't then they would boldly say what they have to say and sign their name. We respect the fact that some bowlers wish to remain anonymous and that is fine, however what Jack is saying is that, if you feel so strongly on a subject and have plenty to say, then think about signing your name.

 Yes Bowls Wellington accepts feedback of all tones and nature but if it includes abuse then of course we won't publish it.

So please, do send us feedback or throw your comments up here and we will publish them. We don't expect all comments to be in favour of everything we do but we do expect respect.