Jack stands his ground and makes no apologies for his new blog.

I'm not here to sugar coat everything, if you can't handle the heat, stay out of the boiler room!
Jack sometimes hears the odd groan about how negative I am, however, I’m not here to play tiddly winks. Yes I could pat you on the back and say what a wonderful job but I’d be telling a porky.

I’ll admit, there are some good hard workers out there doing their best to move their respective club’s forward, but it’s a hard long slug when they are few and far between and their initiatives and enthusiasm gets trounced on by their peers.

Jack isn’t trying to promote negativity, I’m simply trying to shed light on the issues that still exist, issues that were bought to the attention of clubs many years ago but have still not been addressed by the majority.

So if you have something positive to share in regards to your Club Health and can show old Jack how it is actually progressing and not destined for a closing down sale, then feel free to send it through. Share the goods so we can share with all club’s and show them how it’s done!

Perhaps if we share a model of a progressing club then others will follow suit.
Because it is obvious they won’t take the advice of their peers, so maybe they’ll take yours!



  1. The Victoria Invitation pairs will be held for the 19th consecutive year on the weekend of sept 19 and 20. This event continues to attract the very best of nz bowlers along with many local representative s and some of the up and comers of the bowls scene. Internationals like Jamie Hill , Gary Lawson, Andrew curtain Ken Walker just to name a few along with the NZ pba representatives will be in attendance. No less than 17 national title holders as well as Australian open pairs winner 2011 Neville Rodda will clash with the very best Wellington and provincial representatives. so feel free to come along and watch some great games.
    You asked for a positive from a club , well here it is.

    Lou Newman - Victoria

    1. Debatable that it attracts the very best of NZ bowlers!

  2. You have to make life interesting and different for volunteers - make the accountant in real life your cook for the club - ask the truck driver to be your treasurer.
    And ask people person to person to help on the working bee so they feel needed (and can't escape!)

    1. I'm not sure that is how you pick your committee at all actually. It is more about matching skills with openings.
      As far as keeping it interesting, it is not so much that as giving them incentive!
      You don't need to ask face to face either and guilting them into it won't help the situation. But those are good examples of why volunteer management doesn't work!

  3. I could not add a comment to Jack’s latest bleat but these are the words I tried to enter.

    “Tawa have just completed their 12th annual "Have a Go Day" which is run on every Sunday throughout August. This year the smallest number of non Bowlers attending was 16 and on one of the Sundays we had 24 non Bowlers attending. Over the 5 Sundays we have had 12 new Members joining as full playing Members. In addition another 4 have also joined. That is a total of 16 new full playing members with perhaps a few more to come as well.

    Bowls Wellington have been aware of Tawa's long term recruitment activity but to my knowledge no one from Bowls Wellington has ever attended on any of the Sundays in the last 12 years.

    I must admit that the constant bleating does annoy me, there are some positive stories to write about, but to me Jack only wants to find the negatives.

    Graham Savell (his own views)”


    Graham Savell


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