Something's on his Goat

Jack thought he would take a little look at programs, local & national.
Jack has been made aware that the centre have been preparing the handbook for the upcoming season and notes that part of this process includes collating the various galas and events from each club. “Must be a bit of work involved in that”! Jack says. WRONG!
Pretty simple as it happens…..although it shouldn’t be. This is how it works. Apparently Bowls Wellingtons sends out the appropriate forms to be filled in by whomever at each club. The form is set out so clubs can record the list of events they are having during the season including date, time, type of event etc.
Jack's Goat......Billy.
So what did Jack pick up when he took a squiz at these completed forms? I’ll tell ya…..NOTHING NEW!
Jack notes that he always hears a lot of noise in relation to nothing ever changing and how club’s are struggling and yet, here they are presented with the opportunity to shake things up and what do they do? They present the same event or gala program as last year and just tweak the dates…...which usually means simply moving the date on by 1 digit. What really get’s on Jack’s goat is, these geniuses re-schedule events that failed the previous season. The mind boggles it does!!!


  1. Jack challenges all clubs to do a cost analysis on their galas and small gala type events to establish what they are actually making! I bet it is stuff all!

    I'm convinced that the return can be substantially larger on big events than smaller events, so much so that 1 Large well run Tournament may bring in more than 10+ times that of smaller gala type events.

    Club administration owe it to their club to establish the facts.......if they don't, then club members should hold them accountable or do it themselves!


  2. Christine Robertson5 August 2015 at 13:13

    This is actually a good idea.

  3. There is not enough time to organise a "big" event because 1- you can not run a big event during the week because there is not enough hands In most clubs to organise and run it, and not enough midweek bowlers interested to make a big event

    And 2- if you were to try to run a big event during the weekend you would very quickly realise that the calender is far too full in the weekends already to cram another tournament in as enough clash already the biggest example being when..... Ch of ch singles, Wilton fours and stokes Valley tournament all clash.

    Clubs run the same programme because that's all they manage to run its not too much effort and they don't have to try to hard to create anything new.

    1. You're dreaming, what do you mean not enough time? Clubs are running huge tournaments all over the Country,

      Victoria in Wellington runs a very successful large tournament that I'm aware of. Also, why would you run it during the week anyway???

      If you're big events clash then don't schedule them along with centre events. How about liaising with the other clubs that you are aware of having these large events and making sure you don't clash.

      Clubs run the same programmes because their people who create their club schedules are too lazy to make room within their schedule and it requires less effort than trying to fire up an event.

      The administrators who create these club programmes are afraid of change or to change their programmes and then blame a full programme....that makes sense???. Sorry but that excuse is weak as there are plenty of clubs already running large successful tournaments. :)

  4. Why not twilight tournament ...... good practice for the competitive bowler....start at 6:00pm 2 hours BBQ then home by 10:00pm

  5. You clearly don't play in any of the so called big tournaments if you got invites to go play all around the country like I do then you would know how many things clash and how many bowls tournaments I have to turn down every season, if you can look at the Wellington calendar right now and find a free weekend then I will take it all back

    1. Just as well you're not the only bowler in Wellington then huh? We aren't all as popular as you!
      Plenty of us play in tournaments, most bowlers pick n choose. Not everyone plays in the Bowls Wellington events!

    2. the problem with this chap is that he is so short sighted that he can't see the bowls for *$%# *$#@ .

      Your club's calendar, along with the majority of clubs is 80% empty, that's right! You don't have to play these things on the weekend so stop your griping and excuses. We run our events during the week and they do very well thank you.
      You don't have to play during work hours either, twightlight matches work very well also.

  6. I wish you all the best of luck running a successful tournament that clashes with a Wellington centre event

      You obviously have a defeatists attitude which in my opinion is why some clubs fail. There are numerous weekends to run our large event. We have run them alongside centre events before with great success.
      NOT every bowler plays Interclub or enters Championships.....need to think outside the square instead of being so negative.

  7. “Jack” may be interested in what we are trying this year to encourage folk to play the game for sheer enjoyment instead of always chasing the big prize money.
    As sponsorship is so hard to get we believe the time has come for some events to revert back to the reason we all started playing in the first place. Our prizes and formats will be determined by the number of entries.
    We are running a number of club events to include all our casual members in the hope that they will then convert to full membership in time.
    Formats will vary including a club mixed fours challenge, speed bowls, double singles, progressive pairs, knots and crosses, a variation of petanque played on the green. The aim is to give variety to the traditional game.

    Silverstream Bowling Club


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