Jack reckons running a successful casual bowls event is not too hard at all, it’s getting the participants that can be a little tricky! Ignore the know it all’s and take it from someone who has been there!

But if you’re not too sure on how to fill your casual events then find a club that ran a successful event last year and pick the brains of the organiser.

A great looking flyer is a great start. NO, you don’t have to fill it with a lot of jargon, just the basic details. Casual bowlers are not interested in why you play the game or what it can do for their health or the benefits of playing, they just want some post work fun & games. 

Jack has run several extremely successful casual bowls programmes along with his trusty sidekick and he can tell you with confidence that if you do it right, it won’t take too much effort to fill greens. Forget the paper, use social media!

For a start, make your flyer bright, eye catching and informative. Remember, a little is a lot. Place, Date, time, team no’s and contact details are all you need. Once they contact you, then you can respond with the details.

A small team of about four is all you need for 2 greens. At times Jack and his sidekick ran 2 full greens on their own.

Also spare the bowlers a lengthy training session. Just a quick 5-minute rundown on jack placement, delivery and scoring and you’re away. Fun is the key, don’t overthink it!