The World doesn't Revolve Around Individuals!

Jack has noticed in the past and recently that some bowlers think the Centre should revolve their programme around them. Tough says Jack!

Sorry, but the Centre can't be responsible for revolving the programme around your summer vacation or the gala you entered up north.

Image result for free cartoon rain imageGiven the already tight schedule and limited reserve space for postponed events, it is hard enough already to organise a suitable programme Jack says.

When you take into account all of the Centre events, Bowls NZ events & Rep dates, there is very little space to play with.

So Jack suggests waiting to see the programme before scheduling anything else if you are worried about missing out!


Jack :)


  1. That would be a whole lot easier if you published the program earlier. It's not about being worried about missing out, it's about letting your team mates down when you find that something has been programmed on the same day as your daughter's wedding!

    1. This kind of comment is ridiculous. I'm pretty sure the centre sent the programme out to our clubs in July. It is also on their website.
      The first tournament isn't until Labour weekend, if your teammates can't sort someone else by then...tough. Your daughters wedding wasn't going to change so you were always going to clash.
      Just moaning for the sake of it.

      Come on folks, surely we can do without this nonsense.


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