Another season has ended and didn’t it go by quickly? And as fast as it went, you can be sure that the new season will come around just as fast.

Are you prepared?

Here is one item that Jack thinks every good committee should consider before launching into the new season.

The Programme! Galas and Tournaments.

So many simply grab last years programme and tweak the dates to suit the upcoming season, done, so easy. Jack says STOP!
Why put in the same old as last year when you had events that never filled in the form of galas and tournaments, how does that make sense? Even if they did work, don’t rely on it working for the following season. What worked yesterday won’t necessarily work tomorrow. Besides, you don’t want it to be the same event, you want it to be bigger and better!

If it failed, start from scratch, the bowlers sent you a message by not fronting up, listen to it!

If it worked, sit down and work out how you can make it better. Whatever you do, don’t just sit back and think it will look after itself.

Good events need a lot of work, consider rewarding your events manager for great performance, Jack is sure you will see the


  1. Clubs won't change!

  2. I'd like to talk about them moaners in our club that complain non stop but never life a hand to help out. im in a north wellington club and considering moving so i don't have to listen to him anymore. they are happy to fire shots at the committee and at bowls wellington but never lift a finger around the club. talk about complain about the smallest things. expert on everything, helper on nothing. this particular person has drifts from club to club looking to be a big fish in a small pond...sad.

  3. robbie bennett9 June 2017 at 12:43

    the one thing i don't like is all the people that leave comments but won't put their name to it. i think you need to grow a pair and put your name to it or don't bitch and moan.

    1. Of course. you're not bitching and moaning now are you robbie?

    2. I disagree with that statement. Just because some choose to remain anonymous does not make what they have to say any less valid and in some cases encourages one to comment.

  4. robbie bennett12 June 2017 at 12:37

    yes i do moan about things when they not done right but at least iv'e got the nuts to put my name to it.

    1. there is a diffrence between constructive criticism and moaning. moaning has no substance.

    2. Some people would rather keep quiet and be thought of as a fool rather than open their mouth and remove all doubt! :)

    3. An annonymous proposal for change allows the reader to consider an idea on its merits uncoupled from the identity of the author. Recriminations are also eliminated potentially generating a larger pool of ideas.

      Junior Bowler

  5. Hi Bowlers.
    The reason we leave the blog open to anonymous comments is the following:

    1. It is sometimes easier and less confusing for those commenting to use anonymous as opposed to one of the other account selections.

    2. We feel more people will make a comment under anonymous without the risk of persecution. It also gives everyone the opportunity to comment regardless of position or status within the industry. This is particularly important and goes a long way to getting a broad and balanced range of comments.

    3. We do not believe there is anything to lose by receiving anonymous comments as all comments are moderated prior to publishing.

    Debate is healthy and all industry needs it, however please keep comments respectful to all involved.



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