Jack reckons there is a lot of it in the air currently. The Bowls NZ CEO Kerry Clark has resigned and the new replacement Mark Cameron will take over the reigns on the 3rd July 2017.
Chris Wilson, Bowls NZ National Participation and Development Manager has also resigned, his last day in the role is the 18th May.
With the end of the season loom-ing, how much change will take place within your club?
Jack reckons change should be looked upon as a positive move forward. Fresh blood, fresh en-ergy, fresh ideas. That isn’t to say the predecessor was not up to scratch, it simply means that not everyone thinks the same and with new people coming into roles, they bring a new enthusi-asm and a different perspective.
So Jack encourages those who are currently contemplating tak-ing on a role within their club to step up and give it your best. Ig-nore those around you who are of negative energy and concen-trate on the task ahead.
Jack also encourages members not to overlook the younger gen-eration in positions of responsibil-ity. They can bring a new per-spective to the game that only they can see and while some may not agree with their perspec-tive, at the end of the day they are the future of the game, so Jack says, LISTEN!


  1. How can you affect change when so many are happy with the status quo?

  2. I believe in some clubs it is all about 'control' and not letting go of it. Yes, executive committee members have done a great job - that suited their times in bowls. A new generation of bowlers are coming through the system and being told continuously 'in my time' stories. Time to let go....pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  3. I agree with Kevin. The comment " my day" is so colonial. In their day they had people lining up for memberships, not the case now. Clubs need to work to not only get members but retain them. So many clubs lose sight of what is important can get caught up on rules and regulations. Yep, the old school need to LET IT GO before there is nothing left to let go of!


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