Jack notices a bit of feedback coming through via the feedback button on the front page of the website. Jack is also glad to hear that positive feedback is also filtering through, this is a good sign.

Jack reckons if you have something to say then what are you waiting for, now is your big opportunity.

Don’t save it for the bowling green, bowlers go to the green to bowl, not to listen to grizzling, name calling and finger

You don’t have to always agree with what the centre does so if you have a strong point of difference or some suggestions you would like to share, then click on the FEEDBACK 

Jack also notices that Bowls Wellington has created a platform for an online database to allow secretaries to update their records as they happen…….awesome.

By giving the secretaries an online version, this means that come membership return time it will be all over pretty sharply. It also means that by updating the database in real time as changes take place, there won’t be any discrepancies in regards to players on the green that aren’t recorded on the Bowls Wellington database.

Apparently the majority of clubs have already picked up the new online database system and are running full steam ahead with it. If any secretaries need more information or   assistance, contact Mark Reid at Bowls Wellington.

Feedback from Jack is a

“Thumbs up for Bowls Wellington”

Until next time, stay calm.