So what does your club have planned for the winter months to keep the coppers rolling in? Anything or is it just a case of the same old?

The winter period can be a huge downturn for most clubs but it doesn't have to be. 

There are many ways you can keep the cash flow turning over, the easiest of them all is making your facilities available to the public.

Jack is aware of one club that use to have all and sundry happening over the winter months, from funerals and weddings to birthdays, family reunions and conferences. 

Not had to organise something like this. You don't have to sting the punter for a huge hire rate, in fact Jack recommends you keep that at a minimum (depending on the event of course). 

If you have a birthday event or a wedding etc, then the bar is going to be rocking, so why sting the punter for a large hire fee. Keep the fee down and you are more likely to get more and more events once the word of mouth get going. Of course if the event is simply a conference where there wont be a huge amount of turnover on the bar then adjust the fee accordingly, but again, don't be greedy or they won't recommend you.

Don't waste your time on food, it's too much trouble, leave it to the professionals such as Valley Caterers. That way you know the punter is getting great food and all you have to do is look after the bar.

Or you could just sit back and do what you did last year......that worked!



  1. I hope you apply for the special licence needed, I don't want all cowling clubs to be tarred with the same brush and come under bureaucratic scrutiny

    1. ....there you go asking for a handout again......we do our own license, why can't you?

  2. too bad if your city council (WCC) bans you from advertising yourself as a functions venue as it is not the primary function in your lease!
    (though we do pretty well through word of mouth...)

    1. And yet other clubs are thriving in this area....sounds like more excuses to me!


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