Jack has been out around the greens in the early part of the season and seen some great bowls, but has also witnessed a number of things that cause concern.
Dress is a real concern with Interclub and Pennants sides suppose to all be in white or all in club colours.  With clubs changing shirts quite regularly, it appears that as long as all the players have 1 or other of the club uniforms there is no problem, but Jack has seen players wearing street clothes and shoes and appearing to pay no regard to the regulations governing this area of the game.

The other area of concern is SMOKING on the green, with Jack understanding that all Bowls Wellington events are No Smoking on the greens and if host clubs have a regulation at their venue, then this may include the surrounds as well. In Jack’s travels, he has observed bowlers smoking while playing at almost every green he has visited and wonders what the Controlling Body will do police this regulation.


  1. It would also be interesting to find out how much sponsorship is coming in from the drivers of a smoke free New Zealand for Bowls. Prior to smoke free I believe the Tobacco companies provided comparatively huge sponsorship by comparison with smoke free sponsorship which appears to be zero.

    1. That would have to be the most ridiculous and ignorant comment I have ever heard.
      Sponsorship from tobacco companies stopped in 1994, however what that has to do with a healthy sporting environment I don't know.
      Also I'm not aware of tobacco providing sponsorship to Lawn Bowls but regardless whether they did or not, Smoke Free is about maintaining a healthy environment, so I would assume you are a smoker? If you aren't then you are quite ignorant of the facts and health issues concerning smoking. Good grief, some people!! *Rolls Eyes* Can you believe this twit people???

    2. Obviously only a smoker would make such a pathetic comment!


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