Help us with that, show us this, do this n that for us.

That's what Old Jack hears all the time. 

There is a certain element of club member that excels at this kind of thing. 

But first let me say there is also an element of club member that deserves recognition. Jack notices that Bowls Wellington has started a Volunteer of the Month page, to recognise those members throughout the centre that go above and beyond the call of duty. 

CLICK HERE to see the new page: 

There is a good grounding of members like that through the centre and were it not for them,  many clubs would have already vanished into obscurity.

Jack sees that the first recipient is Stu Pullan from the Johnsonville club. Well done Stu!

Jack reckons that some members could learn a thing or two from members like Stu. Rather than grizzling and complaining that others aren't helping, just get on with it! Jack is aware that your centre is very happy to assist where they can and do so every day, however there is only so much they can do.

Enjoy the Rugby World Cup.



  1. Agreed. Too many bowlers complain but are not prepared to do anything themselves. Usually the bowlers that make the loudest noises are the one who contribute the least!
    Long Time Club Member.


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